Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The st love that i reali feel~~

Once a time,i am a kung fu boy.Dont no why i go love one gal.....she is just normal gal.To me she is not a pretty gal but i dont no why i will sacrifised for her with no-reason.

while i try to chase her but tell the truth is failed.Before that i know that she is imposible to my gal friends but dont no why i will miss her very much.This call wat??friends??i aslo dont no.

Until one day,me and her and her friends go mahkota parade to shoping.While i am a stupid and useless boy so i cant give her happy very much.This maybe is my failing point.While my communication skills aslo not good,dont no how to say romance and 'sweet' word to her.So,result we all know=ntg.

Before that,she got have any sickness,i try my best go to find medicine to her.I try to take care about her but laslty all is ntg.

After shoping that nite,i saw something in her house,this 'things' cause me very angry and i scold her.while the result is her coming is she cant accept me.Because she got another she like the people ad.She still cant forget the person.So that,i totally shock.I dint say anythings.

Next days my heart is cracking,so that i cycling from my house to jasin then to makhota parade then go reakrasi then i onli can forgot about the things.Maybe is me is love in one handed.

But i not 'putus asa' try to pikat her but lasty i feel that she give me feeling is i give disturb her.But i not bother.My friends call me dont wnt this gal but i no listen to them i still chase her.

after holiday,open school,not one me feel that she try to mengelak me,my friends is also feel that she is mengelak me.But i not bother.One days,she say that we not starting at all so pls dont pikat her d.ok i believe.THis time my heart is totally broken,because is me onli love her in one handed.That days my mood totally fly until angry mode.but i dint say anything out.I keep think why she mengelak this i not good??i also dont no......

lastly i cant do anythings d,i dont want her feel not happy so i say to her one serious senteces i with her onli is not serious pak tuo,just wnt play with her onli.that time i know that i not rasional but i cant anythings d.I dont wnt her scared about school college n study n friends.

so explosian is occur~~~~~~~~

BUT tell the truth i still love her dont no why!!!that day i totally no sleeping at alll.see at the sky for 6 hours then go college.say LAst word I love U-PKS

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I dunno wat should i do??I dunno how to catch the girl feeling=.=
haiz evrytime i noe me saying is go straight wnt but dont no how to turn maybe will hurt ppl but .....

i reli dunno how to saying to the ppl.....say fast will hurt ppl~~this attitude i noe wrong time ago but i try keep change but stil failed~~
wat should i do~~~

i reli wnt to teach ppl but is me teach to straight or i saying the way is wrong?

i suden feel like me is the bad guys in the world......keep hurt can i do now....

maybe i should learn from my second brother.while he noe many ting but he dont wnt teach ppl~~~ he onli teach our me n my third brother.

why he would not teach ppl cause he noe teach ppl will let the ppl hurt him again....
he onli teach onli at the some situation..i should learn form him~~

Friday, September 7, 2007

Library & Sumber fairwell

HAHA i change my composition d cause i wnt add somethings at my blog......
THIS is my loving party and is my 1st time i join it and one word can be say 'nice'.U all see many leng lui leh haha u wnt noe them or not>>>they is my good friend n work with me 5 years d lo haha so many experaince when working got sad sweet n bad haha but is over we still the friends forever.
^.^Tell u all girl name that is the red shirt wnt is my daughter that is LAW HUI KIM,she is our Lembaga vice secretery.The 2 girls that stand together is HO MEI HUA n YEOW XIN YAN haha both is leng lui.they is vice president n president.
WEAR blue shirt wnt is CAROLYN LIM haha our KETUA AJK.THE one like small kid girl wnt is TAN WEN SI.dont angry when see it becasue u reali like small kid wahaha.........

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